Head of Office:  জনাব মুহাম্মদ আব্দুল কুদ্দুস মোল্লা
Designation:  Director Of Accounts
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History of the Office of the Director of Accounts

Since the inception of Dhaka University the Chief Accountant was the head of the Accounts Section under the administrative control of the Registry of Dhaka University, Dhaka. Later on, the post of an Accounts Officer was created on 21.06.1966 under the same administration. The post of a Director of Accounts was created on 21.01.69 and the full fledged accounts office was started from that date. Mr. Shamsur Rahman was the first Director of Accounts of Dhaka University, Dhaka. After the death of Mr. Shamsur Rahman on 24.11.86. Mr. Obaidur Rahman took the charge of Director of Accounts and acted till 13.09.87. Mr. A.K.M. Rohul Amin Akanda also acted for the post until he become the Director of Accounts on 02.08.88. and he was here still he went on L.P.R. Out of this period. Mr. Md. Shahjahan Ali Shaikh acted for the post of Director of Accounts from 01.12.03. to 31.05.05. when Mr. Akanda was on extra-ordinary leave.
And now Mr. Md. Shahjahan Ali Shaikh is acting for the post of Director of Accounts since 5.10.05.

Director of Accounts :<br><br>* As Head of the office of the Accounts he supervises overall activities of the office;<br>* Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the Accounts Office;<br>* Prepares budget and places before the authorities for consideration and approval;<br>* Submits monthly expenditure statement to the U.G.C and to the Govt;<br>* Approves T.A. Bill of all;<br>* Cancells unclaimed cheques, revalidates time barred cheques;<br>* Prepare Annual Accounts of the University; <br>* Suggests for investment of surplus funds;<br>* Approves leave of Staff and Officers of Accounts Office as per ordinance and regulation;<br>* Keep liaison with the U.G.C. Ministries, Bank and other organization regarding financial matters;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the authority.<br><br>Deputy Director of Accounts ( Works) :<br><br>* Checks all works bills and development bills and process those bills for payment;<br>* Process payment of all telephone bills, electric bills, gas bills etc.; <br>* Signs Pay order over ( Tk. 50,000/= to Tk. 1,50,000/=);<br>* Distribution of House Building loans, Car/Motor Cycle loan and realization thereof ; <br>* Arrange payment of Bank loan to Officer & employees and realization of instalments of those loans;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the Director of Accounts.<br><br>Deputy Director of Accounts & Budget <br><br>* Prepares budget of the University under the guidance of the Director of Accounts; <br>* Supervises the works of the General Accounts Section, ỉ.ẹ budgetary Control, payment of different bills, Payment of subscriptions and grants;<br>* Preparation of monthly expenditure statement;<br>* Preparation of Trial Balance and Annual Accounts;<br>* Investment of surplus funds, renewal of investment and encashment of investments; <br>* Maintains Trust Funds Accounts;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the Director of Accounts.<br><br>Deputy Director of Accounts ( Payments):<br><br>* Signing of Pay Order upto Tk. 50.000/=;<br>* Passing of Bills for examination remuneration;<br>* Passing of medical bills of Class Ш & Class IV employees as per Hospital Facilities Ordinance;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the Director of Accounts.<br><br>Deputy Director of Accounts BILL & Internal Audit <br><br>* Supervises over all activities of Internal Audit Section;<br>* Keep liaison with the U.G,C. Ministry and D.G. Local Audit;<br>* Prepares B.S.R. of Audit objections;<br>* Takes step to settle Audit objections;<br>* Attend meeting of Public Accounts Committee as an when necessary;<br>* Supervises the works of salary bill section;<br>* Checks arrear salary bills and fixation sheets;<br>* Deals with I.T of salary income of Teachers & Officers;<br>* Makes payments I.T. to Govt.;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the Director of Accounts.<br><br>Deputy Director of Accounts ( Funds ) :<br><br>* Supervises all works of Fund Section;<br>* Makes payment of P.F. Advance, Pension, Benevolent Fund, Students Welfare Fund, Final payment P.F. etc.;<br>* Keeps records of nominees of all employees;<br>* Keeps records of realization P.F. Advance;<br>* Keeps records of Health Insurance Scheme, Pays premium and reimburses Hospital bills of Teachers & Officers from the Insurance Co.;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the Director of Accounts.<br><br>Deputy Director of Accounts ( Cash ) :<br><br>* Preparation of delivery of cheques of all Salary bills, Conductors bills, Contingent bills, House building /Car/ Motor Cycle / BI-Cycle loans ect;<br>* Sending advice to the banks of the cheques issued;<br>* preparation of statement of salary of teachers & officers and sending them to the banks;<br>* Preparation of advice of pension holders, benevolent fund beneficiaries and sending them to the bank;<br>* Deposit cheques to the Bangladesh Bank of Income-Tax and Vat deducted at source;<br>* Any other duties assigned by the Director of Accounts. <br>