Name of Hall:  Bangladesh-Kuwait Maitree Hall
Head of Office:  Dr. Mubina Khondkar
Designation:  Provost

Bangladesh-Kuwait Maitree Hall is the 3rd hall established for female students of University of Dhaka. Foundation of this hall was laid in 1989 with financial assistance from the Government of Kuwait. It was unveiled for the students on 19th May 1990. The hall is located at near the Institute of Social Welfare and Research and Begum Fajilatunnessa Mujib Hall. It is between the New Market and Gate 3 of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).
At the beginning the hall had only 115 resident and 571 non-resident students. At present (May 2014) it has 600 resident and 2000 non-resident students. Alike the cases of resident students, official processing of all matters for the non-resident students are also managed and controlled by the hall administration. Provost is the chief of the hall administration body. The following table presents the names of provosts including their tenure in a sequential manner.
List of the Provosts of Bangladesh-Kuwait Maitree Hall





Professor Dr. Hamida Akter Begum

19 June 1989 – 11 September 1989


Professor Dr. Sharifa Khatun

12 September 1989 – 1 September 1990


Professor Dr. Jaheda Ahmed

2 September 1990 – 1 September 1993


Professor Dr. Begum Jahan Ara

7 September 1993 – 21 November 1994


Professor Dr. Begum Akter Kamal (Acting)

22 November 1994 - 4 March 1996


Professor Dr. Rabeya Khatun

5 March 1996 - 31 March 2002


Professor Tahmina Akter

1 April 2002 - 31 March 2008


Professor Tania Rahman (Acting)

1 April 2008 - 19 April 2008


Professor Farida Begum

20 April 2008 - 19 April 2014


Professor Dr. Mubina Khondkar

20 April 2014 -

The hall is established on about four acres of land which is decorated with plants and garden. It consists of two main blocks and accommodates one dining hall/canteen, one auditorium, one BNCC room, one prayer room, one indoor games room, one debating room, three guest rooms, one library, one reading room, one common room/ TV room, and one corner shop with photocopying service. There are office rooms for the provost, house tutors and administrative staffs. The hall office is equipped with IPS facility and WiFi connection. Students are also offered services by physician and psychologist. Students can avail bus service offered by the university to commute to the main campus from the hall.

The hall administration comprises of house tutors and administrative officers that is headed by the provost. There are 13 house tutors, three senior administrative officers, seven third class employees and 45 fourth class employees. Students participate in the regularly organized general meetings with the provost and the house tutors. House tutors maintain their prescheduled duty hours when all students are welcome to communicate and resolve their issues. Students’ other academic requirements are supported through the administrative officers.

List of House Tutors




House Tutors

Dr. Shobnom Jahan


Ms. Dilshad Noor Lira


Mrs. Habiba Rahman


Ms. Tumpa Das Gupta


Nuzhat Nuery


Mrs. Farjana Begum


Tasneema Khan


House Tutors

Mrs. Lopa Ahmed




House Tutors

Ms. Nipika Rani Mitra


Jesmin Rashid Gazee


Khaleda Khatun


List of Staffs




Senior Administrative Officer

Touhidur Jahan


Momtaz Nargis


Nazma Begum


Administrative Officer

Mrs. Parvin Akter


Students, who are attached to this hall and need a seat to live in the hall, need to apply following a formal procedure. Seats are allotted every year, after thorough scrutiny of applications following the established rules and regulations set by the university. Students are allocated seats on the basis of merit. However, three guest rooms are there to accommodate needy students who need emergency support.

Activities and Programs
The hall life is colored with different types of activities and programs that also facilitate maintaining a cultural coherence. Occasions like Eid, Pooja, Pohela Boishakh, and all national days are celebrated with festivity and enthusiast participation. Every year, a milad is arranged remembering the day of establishment of this hall. During every Ramadan iftar mehfil is organized. Students perform extracurricular activities on several occasions. Different types of indoor and outdoor games are also arranged for the students.

Hall administration and the university authority try their best to keep a peaceful and congenial stay of the students so that they can pursue their academic and hall stay in a meaningful way.