Department of Population Sciences




The multidisciplinary approach to Population Sciences has gained increasing practical relevance in recent times. For Bangladesh, although many challenges remain, successive successes in several population related programs have brought international laurels and attention over the past few years. Developments and challenges in the population field have increased the need for professionals who can critically analyze population issues and manage various population related programs.

In order to address the need of the times, we feel proud to lead the way by introducing this 21st century academic program with forward looking fields of concentration in such areas as demographic analysis; population studies; population and communication; population and sustainable development; reproductive health; policy, program and management; and gender issues.

While our program is relatively new, we are encouraged by the prospects which lie ahead. Students and professionals from fields as diverse as environment to medicine, engineering to sociology, business to women's studies, economics to geography, law to NGO management, both at home and abroad, have expressed keen interest in our program. We here at the Department are eager to live up to the expectations that have built up around us. In response to the diverse streams of students, we have put together a pool of faculty who have enriched our program with the breadth and depth of their knowledge and experience.

Our survey of population related organizations gives us reasons to believe that there are many opportunities for rewarding careers in these organizations for the right person. While we promise to deliver on an intellectually challenging academic program for our students, at the same time we are mindful that our training should open up stimulating career paths in population and development related disciplines. Candidates who wish to take on the intellectual challenge of our program, and who seek a career path that at the same time contributes to society, are strongly encouraged to apply.