The University of Dhaka established the
Department of Development Studies in 2002 to provide challenging and innovative teaching in the field of development studies, a rapidly growing area of study concerned with the people, economy and society. It aims to foster high quality research on the
problems of developing countries in general and Bangladesh in particular. Attracting students and scholars committed to interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of social and economic change, the Department tries to
promote greater public understanding, advance independent analysis, and encourage further professional competence on issues related to development with a view to contributing towards poverty alleviation, the overarching goal of the country.

The Department offers a one-year Masters of Development Studies (MDS) programme. It also offers, M. Phil and Ph.D. degrees in Development Studies.

In future the Department plans to offer an Executive Masters in Development Studies, Certificate Courses in Development Studies. The department has already introduced under graduate programme and will enroll undergraduate students from 2008-2009 academic
session. The department also conducts various training programmes for government and non-government officials.

The research areas cover Governance and Public Administration , Public Policy, Trade and WTO Issues, Small and Medium size Enterprises, Informal Economy, Political Institutions and Parliamentary
Studies, Poverty Analysis and Micro-credit, Project Management, Social Security, Child and Youth Development, Gender Studies, Local Governance,
Banking and Industrialization, Comparative Politics.