Department of Printing and Publication Studies

Goals and Objectives

The Department of Printing and Publication Studies is one of the few latest disciplines that have been inducted in the academic program of the University of Dhaka. The department has got the endorsement of University Grants Commission (UGC) on May 12, 2015, and with the joining of a Chairman on September 6, 2015, the department has started its formal functioning. The department has been blessed further with the joining of four young lecturers on July, 2016. A few staffs were also recruited in the middle.

The department is now all set to launch its formal academic program from February, 2017. In the process, the department has to commence an 18 months Master's Program spanning for three semesters (Six months each). Affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences, the department will mostly focus on to generate command for the students on technical knowledge and know-how in the field of printing and publication keeping in mind of the widely stretched big printing and publishing industry of the world, especially Bangladesh. The printing and publication industry of Bangladesh has been flourishing on its own for more than a century without much support of institutionally educated people. With this program, the industry would be able to get academically learned manpower, and will achieve institutional and academic character and flavor.

The Printing and Publication Studies department would conduct courses on History and theories of printing and publications, Management of printing and publication houses, Printing and Technology, Book sales and Marketing, Graphic designing and Illustrations, E-book, Copyright and other laws relating to printing and publications, Editing and proof reading of to-be-published materials of different characters and nature, and Production etc.

Besides, at their last semester, the students will have to learn the skill of producing books and magazines and other printed materials.

The graduates of the program not necessarily need to wait for government jobs, rather to be employed by them after launching their own printing and publication ventures. Besides, they will have wide scope of getting jobs in the ever spreading Printing and Publication industry of Bangladesh. They will have better chance to get employment in the already flourished newspaper industry of Bangladesh.

With the program, the department will be able to provide a big impetus to create a modern and academically trained work force and in the process, this industry will achieve an institutional and academic character.