The University of Dhaka was established in the year 1921. Since then the University has been widely renowned as the “Oxford of the East” throughout the world for its academic excellence.

The history of EEE Department is a response to society’s demand. In September 1965, the Department of Applied Physics was established to meet the necessity of Electronics education in university level. Prof. Shah Md. Fazlur Rahman was appointed as the Head of the Department.

At the commencement, the Department admitted students only in the M.Sc. program. Later, the course curriculum was upgraded and the Department was renamed as the Department of Applied Physics & Electronics in 1974. The B.Sc. program was introduced in the very next year of 1975. To meet the increasing demand of the 21st century in electronics and communication engineering, the curriculum was again modified and the Department was renamed as the Department of Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering in October 2005. This Department became part of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology in June 2008. Finally, the Department has been emerged as the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in November 2014 with its state-of-the art curriculum.